Salon life

You tell the five stages of a woman’s life just by visiting any busy hair salon.

Stage 1: young (er) twenty-something who can pull off the crazy red, pink or purple streaked hair.  Or maybe all three at once. You know her, you’ve seen her….she’s the one looking at all the rest of us with that “please God, don’t ever let me get like that” look on her face and her eyes are glazed over and completely bloodshot from the fun she had the night before.  Lucky lady.  I hope she enjoys it while it lasts.

Stage 2: little older twenty-something with the short “hit the ground running”  hair that gets shorter with every cut due to the fact that she has less and less time for herself because of those damn kids at home and a husband sucking up all her energy.  She’s the one who never stops talking to the other women because, quite frankly, that’s the most socialization she will get for a few weeks. This is her happy place.

Stage3: slightly older with busy, social teenager kids so she’s probably spending a lot of time on the bleachers or at the pool so her hair has to look freakin-fabulous because she will be judged by the other bleacher/pool moms and has to be at the top of her game. Her hair has some funky highlights and a super cute cut because, quite frankly, she can still pull it off.  best of all? She know all the latest town gossip! Kudos to her.  God I miss this stage.

Stage 4:  Older.  Blonde all the way because that is the only color that completely covers the gray. But wait.  What’s this?  Other woman are commenting on how great the blonde looks and she begins to wonder why the hell she waited so long to do it!  Dammit!

Stage 5: Oldest. Completely gray and could care less. Strictly at the salon for the pedicures and gossip.