Big changes!

Well good morning everyone!  Glad you could stop by and visit our newest addition, our newest delivery, our newest baby………this fun website!  It’s been a super long time in the making and I hope you all get a chance to tool around and check it out.  My hope is to get information out about our cute little shop and the wonderful items that we have available on a daily basis.  It really is like Christmas Everyday here.  We never know what to expect next!

As you can guess from the photo, there’s going to be some changes happening here at Little Rascals over the next week or two.  Stop by and see our work in progress and enjoy some retail therapy. It’s very exciting! When I came home with this new cordless drill last night and showed it to my husband, I think I shocked him into silence for just a few seconds and then our conversation went something like this:

Charles: you bought this without me being there?

Me: yes I did. (uh-oh)

Charles: you didn’t think to ask me for advise?

Me: Um, no. (I think I might be on shaky ground right here so got to be careful.  Tread lightly. DANGER DANGER)

Charles: why not?

Me: because, my dear (trying to butter him up with sweet talk and rubbing his back which I started to do immediately when I sensed his possible disapproval.  This technique is my go to “argument winner”) you have a very capable wife and I’ve decided to make a few changes to the shop starting tomorrow and I needed an new screwdriver so I went and bought one. I know how busy you are and didn’t want to bother you. (see what I did right there?? Awesome!)  I’ll let you know if I muck things up and make a mess of it and THEN you can come help me.  Ok?

Charles:  (with his cocky grin) Let’s see what you got you “capable wife”.  Good luck.

I think that’s a challenge I probably won’t win.  Dang it!